Following the immense success from their Mixtape EP, The Snuts have gifted fans with the first-class follow up they have been longing for.

Loyal fans of The Snuts will have been immersed in anticipation upon the release of ‘Elephants’ after their live performance with IDK Sessions  on YouTube towards the end of January, where a sublime acoustic rendition was showcased.

Beginning with a jangly chord progression reminiscent of Nile Rodgers of Chic, The Snuts reiterate to global music fans of their versatility and constant experimentation, progressing into a more unique sound with unforgettable bass lines and sublime guitar work.

The title of the track is excellently represented through the bands’ usage of a monstrous thick bass line cementing the single together, combined with the chorus which also features a steady stomping kick drum imitating the pounding force of an elephant. About halfway in there is a lead guitar introduced utilising high pitched bends to demonstrate the trumpeting sounds of the tusked mammal. 

The alternative rockers have always been incredibly successful in creating memorable and infectious choruses, with ‘Elephants’ being no exception. The latest single from the lads proved to be an instant fan favourite obtaining the number one spot on the iTunes Store, only one hour after it’s release.

Satisfy your daily alternative rock needs with ‘Elephants’ on Spotify.