Gourock-based indie pop outfit SLIX have just released their new single ‘With You’, and with that continue making waves since their debut in 2018! Their refreshing indie pop sound comes to us in the form of a guitar-heavy track that makes use of the established indie pop formula. The catchy song shows the band at their most anthemic, and will sit well with their indie-loving fanbase.

‘With You’ shows their latest development and a slightly more experimental approach to the production and writing process, with the track including new effects and instrumental layering. On their new single, the band say: “Our latest single demonstrates a delicate and more mature side to our sound… Heartfelt lyricism whilst capturing the essence of SLIX’s writing style and our favoured punchy choruses.”

With their latest release, SLIX showcase growth and leave space for even more growth in the near future, the young band create simple yet effective pop songs while hinting at rock and a more alternative approach. They have built a reputation through their live presence and played a sold out Glasgow’s King Tuts just a few days ago. Many predict a bright future ahead for the group!