Single Review | Silvi | Burning

Singer-songwriter Silvi has kicked off a new era of her career with her new single Burning.

An alt-rock inspired track, Burning stands out from Silvi’s other work with its more in-your-face instrumentation.

Notable are the hard hitting drums, deep, ominous synths and a brutal guitar accompanying the chorus, which almost sounds angry. This guitar fits perfectly with the content of this song.

The lyrics portray an anger towards lovers who betray, gaslight and mistreat. Silvi exhibits a deep-rooted hatred for these people, questioning the reasons for their actions. This anger fits with the rough rage of the instrumentals like a glove to produce a tight knit product.

Silvi has already received lots of attention from BBC Music Introducing because of her work, and the incredible production and raw power on Burning should continue that trend.

The highlight of this track is Silvi’s expert use of her wide vocal talents. Featuring low and high tones as well as some incredible sustained notes in the infectious chorus, she pulls out all the stops in her performance.

Silvi’s vocal talents were also made very apparent in her 2021 single “Wish You’d Stay”. A powerful ballad with a very different sound and a very different message of dealing with loss.

But it’s not just these songs that stand out as different, Silvi’s entire discography is very diverse.

While only having a few songs, it feels like she has experimented a lot all ready, but one thing that always stays true is the power in her voice, and her ability to switch from melancholic sadness to that raw emotional power is incredible.

That range is on full display here in the contrast between the regret of the verses and anger of the chorus.

In her new era, Silvi may try many new things, but that talent will always be her brand.

You can listen to Burning here.