2-piece band SILVI’s new release “Wish You’d Stay” is beautiful. In one word; it is beautiful. There are so many components of the track that make it so enchanting. From Jodi Findlay’s raw and melancholy vocals to the gorgeous melodies of the piano – everything fits like a puzzle to create an absolute classic. 

The lyrics of “Wish You’d Stay” explore the impact of the loss of a loved one and wishing you could relive the time you spent with them. The tearful meaning behind the song, as well as the down-to-earth relatability of it heightens the impact of it on listeners. “Wish You’d Stay” is a complete 180 compared to SILVI’s previous releases “That’s Not Love” and “Your Smoke.” The range in the group’s songwriting is very evident after this release. “Wish You’d Stay” has the quality of a track that is destined to end up in the charts.

With this track hailing similarity to musicians such as Christina Aguilera, SILVI have an undoubted one-of-a-kind talent. Perhaps the most impressive capability of the track is the amount of impact it has on you despite such a sparse and harrowing texture. SILVI and their producer, James McKay both intended to have the track be of minimal instrumentation and layering in order to best preserve the integrity and the impact of the song. 

The band have been featured on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, but despite never performing live, they have a line-up of gigs coming up. They certainly amazed audiences when they performed during our very own Gigs In The Gaffs only a month ago. We can’t wait to see what else the amazing pair have in store for us. 

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Tickets for their upcoming gig.

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