Scottish pop artist Be Charlotte evokes the likes of Zara Larson and Ellie Goulding in her recently dropped single ‘Rainbows in the Dark’. This was Be Charlotte’s final single prior to the release of her full album on the 21st of June, and it certainly set a powerful tone for the coming record. 

Be Charlotte wrote that the song ‘is my story of reclaiming my power through self-discovery and owning mistakes… Searching for light in the dark.’ This track follows her last single released in April, ‘This Is Not A Goodbye’, which has a similar message about endurance through hard times. However, Charlotte said that ‘these lyrics are my most open and raw yet,’ a vulnerability which is apparent through the track. Be Charlotte does something new with a familiar cliche about finding light in the dark, rainbows after rain, by contrasting a fun pop beat with lyrics like I keep falling for my anxiety / The protagonist is a lifeless piece of insecurity. Be Charlotte’s lyricism is poignant and significantly elevated by the production which supports them; this song is incredibly promising for the new 12-track album Self Help and Fictional Doubts, a title which could easily apply to this exciting new single as well.

Listen to the full album here!