Single Review | OCEXNS | Under the Wire

OCEXNS have mastered the ability to fuse together different genres and styles so seamlessly.

Under the Wire is the debut single from Scottish 4-piece indie-rock band OCEXNS. Their musical talents are captivating and they really know how to create a song that tells a story. OCEXNS was formed by vocalist and guitar player Ross Mitchell, and drummer Brendan Quirke as a lockdown project. They were later joined by Cameron Higgins on bass, and Cameron McKendrick also on guitar which formed the quartet they are now.

Sometimes, I say I’ll go on the run” are the words that begin this debut track by OCEXNS. The true meaning of this isn’t defined but the next lyrics of “I tend to find, it’s just an unloaded gun” could mean that it is often an empty threat. Saying that you’ll “go on the run“, however, introduces the concept of causing distance, whether this is physical and/or mental.

The band explain their debut single as one that describes a “tumultuous relationship collapsing”. The vocals from Mitchell are calm and clear, which helps to portray this subject in a realistic manner. It almost sounds as though he is talking us through the feelings of this volatile relationship falling apart and the consequences of its collapse, subsequently leading to feeling “under the wire“.

The choruses include the lines, “trying to find ways to set my heart alight” and “even though, she won’t give up the fight“. In the slight musical similarity to ‘Dive’ by Fatherson, the concepts each song discusses are also alike. There is the common theme of one person knowing the relationship isn’t going anywhere anymore, whereas the other person won’t “let go“. Tumultuous or volatile relationships are often seen as ones that are overly emotional, which sometimes ends up being more destructive than beneficial. By searching for a way to set someone’s “heart alight“, there is an effort of re-igniting the positive, passionate feelings that were once there, even when it is best to “let go“.

I have played this song so many times since it was released and I’ll never get bored of hearing it. OCEXNS have mastered the ability to fuse together different genres and styles so seamlessly. They are able to create a debut track that caters for various musical tastes. It includes elements of primarily indie influences, with the guitar work adding a more rock edge.