Dundee-based singer/songwriter, Lonely Lost Boy has just released his debut single ‘Don’t Be A Fool’.

Gordon Hennessy otherwise known as Lonely Lost Boy has been an active member within the UK music scene with a variety of bands for a number of years with an impressive account of supporting slots already behind him. After receiving a positive reception to his first EP ‘Emotions’ released on Soundcloud, Hennessy is back with his debut single ‘Don’t Be A Fool’.

Right from the first couple of bars, the bright sounding acoustic guitar hooks you in and continues throughout the whole piece and is certainly a stand-out aspect. The track echoes sounds similar to 90’s inspired Indie music and offers a warm and memorable melody that will leave you wanting to listen on repeat.

Hennessy’s vocal line shines throughout the piece and the hook line of ‘Don’t Be A Fool’ is a real highlight. Other lyrics such as “I’ve got a friend of mine who’s falling in love” and “He’s the most gullible guy he’s ever sent from above” depict the story of a man who perhaps doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to love and sets the story for the rest of the piece.

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