After receiving multiple plays across BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Introducing with their single ‘Til the morning comes’, Glasgow Duo Kodak Ghosts have followed suit with another hit in the form of ‘Fine to be Frightened’.

Through a joyous, catchy and uplifting pop track, Kodak Ghosts lyrically explore the serious and relatable issue of fear – whether it take the form of worries for the future, pressuring choices to be made or fitting in. The duo’s latest single is about the insecurities often triggered through assessing and comparing our lives to that of others, inevitably leading to self-criticism, doubt and fear.

The double act described the effect social media has on the daily lives of modern society:

“In the age of social media, there’s a crushing pressure to always be living your best life. We’re expected to be productive, inspiring, and positive at all times which can be really detrimental to our mental health.”

The artwork, designed by the artists themselves, is a matrix that ‘represents no mans land’. The band explained the thought process behind the piece was to play on the idea that our imagination can run wild, jumping to conclusions and creating false narratives. ‘Fine to be Frightened’ will also be available on Charity Compilation Cassette raising money for Scottish Association of Mental Health.

Be sure to check the new single out on the charity’s website and spotify below!