Single Review | eyes for you | Since 2000

Glasgow based four pronged alt rock outfit ‘Since 2000’ have come bursting out of the gates in 2024 with their new single ‘eyes for you’. As the brainchild of frontman and lead singer Dan Antonio, this single is a genre bending, hard hitting 4 minutes that will leave you singing the hook for days.

Guitarists Ben Main and Will Leuty form a powerful duo in this track alongside the gut-busting drumming of Reuben Selman. All together, this outfit provides a fix for the EDM inspired pop metal that seems to encapsulate the woes and lows usually felt by artists of these genres. 

The track starts off with Antonio’s voice, and some echoing guitar chords which gave me hints of Kanye West’s album Love Lockdown, as I thought the auto tune on Antonio’s voice was neatly placed. The first verse tells a tale of a man who has been lost until he found this perfect person that seems to make everything okay.

The chorus packs a punch as soon as it comes in, with the metal guitars and Selman’s drums really taking over the space that Antonio created in the first verse. The hook is also extremely catchy, and Antonio’s sweet and delicate voice pairs well with the darker heavier tones the backing band are oozing. The drumming in the chorus is especially impressive to me, as it provides a lot of the energy felt in the chorus. 

We hear just how enamoured Antonio is with this person in the last bridge to the last chorus when he says ‘If you can’t have me, no one will’, proving to this person the desire that he has to make it work. We have one last chorus with some more excellent drumming and stellar guitar work, until finally we hear Antonio screaming the title to once again reiterate how he indeed has only ‘eyes for you’.

All in all I found this track to be catchy, genre bending and vivacious, and I would be keen to catch these guys on stage to see what they can bring to a live show. If you feel like catching the quartet, they are playing a gig supporting Fort Hope in the Garage Attic on the 5th of March!