Chart-topping sensation Emeli Sandé embodies both power and elegance in her latest single ‘All This Love.’

As an artist, Sandé has gone from strength to strength. Boldly taking a step back from the music industry in 2019, she has propelled back onto the pop scene in recent years with nothing less than perfection.

Sandé’s powerhouse vocals on ‘All This Love’ take the listener on a heartfelt exploration of romantic and platonic relationships. A rousing gospel choir adds a soulful accompaniment to the single without overshadowing Sandé’s immense vocal talents. The musical backing is spare, again highlighting how powerful Sandé’s voice is.

Photo credit: Jack Alexander

Lyrically, ‘All This Love’ differentiates itself from typical heartbreak singles. The second verse packs the most emotional punch:

 “Friends don’t call back lately

 Guess they’re tired of crazy

 They say I’m nothing like before

 Said I’m going overboard…”

By tackling the pain of unrequited friendship head-on, Sandé imparts a compelling message of supporting those closest to you during their lowest moments.

We are transported into the depths of Sande’s turmoil in the recently released music video. Sandé appears alone against the backdrop of a lavish stately home. Still, the true beauty comes from the emotional intensity of her performance. She uses her body to mirror the emotional peaks and troughs of the music, clutching her neck and banging her fists against the walls as the single intensifies. Sandé moves in the same way she sings, with sophistication and ease.

 In an electrifying refrain, Sandé pleads in her signature smooth tones, “What am I supposed to do with All This Love?” Here at Discovery Music, we have the answer. Blast it out and sing along at the top of your voice to the latest anthem for broken hearts.

Sandé’s newest album is set for release on the 17th of November this year. Stream ‘All This Love’ on Spotify now and check out Sandé’s socials for the latest updates about her new music and upcoming performances.