Single Review | Deadfire | ‘Pro[Pain]’

11 years ago Scottish hard rockers Deadfire was formed and they are back with a mighty bang as they release their new single ‘Pro[Pain]’ which is released on Friday 28th April 2023. 

This is the Aberdonian rockers’ first release this year, and I can honestly say for fans of Deadfire it is worth the wait, and for new fans – this is a band you’ll now be following and are highly listenable. ‘Pro[Pain]’ is a powerhouse of a song to get lost in with a strong message of shoving it to the government as selfishness takes over with the effects of others suffering from their greed. 

A complementary fusion of passionate song-writing sung with emotion backed up with ringing riffs, and melodies to steep into your brain, this is ready to be added to your motivational and fight-back soundtrack. 

The Aberdonian lads have a distinctive rock sound and huge potential. Made up of Charlie (Vocals), Rich (Guirar), Boothy (Bass) and Tunk (Drums), these rockers give me vibes and sounds similar to Black Stone Cherry with their melodic riffs, and I was also getting Scott Stapp sounds from Creed with Charlie’s vocals that are insanely gritty and passionate throughout. 

With an intoxicating instrumental that builds to the bridge with throbbing riffs and striking words: ‘Don’t you stomp on me. Don’t you cancel me…’ which continues to build and bring you back to the thunderous chorus with bursts of guitar! 

Deadfire has created a trademark of a song that will vibrate the hearts of anyone who want to fight back against any sort of control, authority figures or organisations and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of rock music and definitely to those who enjoy a head-bang! 

Speaking of head-bangs’, you can catch the opportunity to see Deadfire throughout Scotland over the next weeks including Glasgow tomorrow night! Click here to see upcoming dates! 

Deadfire’s newest single ‘Pro[Pain]’ is out on 23rd April 2023!