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Outsider single artwork

Bromham has mastered the ability of constructing an incredibly relatable track.

‘Outsider’ is the third single from Scottish singer-songwriter David Bromham. He is an artist from the Highlands whose work incorporates a fusion of alternative, rock, and indie music. His latest single is a further example of this. It surrounds concepts like the feeling of not knowing which path to take in life, and perhaps feeling like the life you are living isn’t yours. This track has hints of David Bowie influence that would make it appeal to those who enjoy older, nostalgic sounding vocals. Bromham also has a very talkative tone to his vocals which assists in the relatability of the track.

The single starts with a catchy guitar riff that is repeated while other instruments are gradually introduced. This forms the consistent melody throughout the track until Bromham begins to sing. What I enjoy with his songwriting in this track is that it isn’t clear who he is speaking to. This makes it easier for the track to be open to personal interpretation. The first line is “you don’t know where you are going“. “You” could could imply he is talking to someone, or perhaps to a past version of himself. Later in this first verse, we see a similar phrase, “I can’t help you anyway“. Again, Bromham could be saying that he can’t help someone else, but he could also be saying that he can’t help himself with a past issue.

The bridge and chorus are where Outsider’s primary themes of loneliness and living a life separate from your own are discussed. “I’ve never felt quite right” could mean a lot of different things. It might suggest that you never feel satisfied with situations you’re in or the choices/paths you have taken. It could also imply that mentally, you know something isn’t “right“. The chorus also includes the lyric “I feel like an outsider“. For everyone who listens to this song, the phrase “outsider” will resonate in various ways. For example, we may feel like outsiders in terms of the sense of belonging in friendships or relationships.

In the second half of this track, there is a replacement of “you” for “I“. “I don’t know where I am going” is the alternative to the first lyric. This time, it is clearer that this is a moment of self-reflection. “Please help me try to fix it, please tell me what I gotta do” is one of the final lyrics of the track. Generally, this final verse is when the single discusses self-realisation and acknowledging/accepting the need to get help.

Mental health and speaking out about it are still topics with huge levels of stigma. I think that lyrically, Bromham has mastered the ability of constructing an incredibly relatable track. He has created a song that will resonate with everyone in unique ways. This creates an amazing personal connection with an audience. It shows that lots of people have gone through similar mental journey and that there is a key importance of learning how to recognise when you need to seek help. Changing your mindset is never an easy task and there is no one solution to this, Bromham’s newest song explains this in a delicate but crucial way.