Single Review | Allan Purvis | Summer Something

Summer Something single cover

It serves as a reminder that everything will get better and more positive times are coming.

Summer Something‘ is the fourth single from Glasgow singer-songwriter Allan Purvis. His work incorporates concepts and elements from various genres including indie, pop, and rock. This latest track is no exception. Written, recorded, and produced by Purvis, this is an amazingly constructed track. The lyrics paint pictures of hope with the melody perfectly reflecting this theme.

The incredibly infectious tune tells the all too familiar tale of being fed up with the cold winter days and hoping for the warmer summer months. This track has perfectly described being optimistic for the things associated with the summer season. The light and airy melody pushes this track as one that is perfect for summer.

I really liked that Purvis seemed to symbolise winter and summer as experiences. “Summer dreaming in these dark days” shows the contrast between the two seasons. “This time of year it feels useless, dark through the day and it’s cold outside” also proves this. They give a representative image of what winter typically means. It is a season that doesn’t tend to have much happiness and the only option is to wish for summer and the experiences that come with summer months.

I gotta find a reason to get out of this, I need a little summer something” is a lyric that also describes welcoming the absence of winter. Purvis has written this song with the openness that listeners can interpret what a “summer something” is. This could mean holidays, new experiences, days out etc. “I’m going where my heart and the stars align” in the chorus implies searching for somewhere or something that brings you a sense of belonging.

Purvis’ newest single arrives at the perfect time. It has been released during a time where we are all searching for hope and optimism in an otherwise dark and challenging time. It welcomes a break from the typical struggles we all face, and encourages looking forward to a brighter, happier time. Purvis is an excellent songwriter and this song only further proves this. I’m excited to keep playing this song! It serves as a reminder that everything will get better and more positive times are coming.