This Feeling brought us back inside the embellished walls of Beat Generator! once again. This Feeling scout small Indie acts across the UK and give them a chance to play at gigs. The selected bill on this occasion consisted of Punk foursome Paris Street Rebels, Indie Rockers ZenDen, Mod Trio The 121s and Dundee Rock ‘n’ Roller Sean Findlay.

Sean Findlay

To kickstart the evening Sean Findlay took to the stage, guitar restrung in anticipation, introducing the first song ‘Timmy Tom.’ A light hearted sounding track played in true Sean Findlay fashion, by this I mean a sense of rugged edginess. During the set we were enlightened by a couple of stripped back Rolling Stones’ covers including ‘I’m Free’ and ‘Honky Tonk Woman’. The twang of Findlay’s guitar were considerably pristine and polished but unbelievably the style of some tracks gave a lo-fi energy, reminiscent of The Velvet Underground. To conclude his set Sean Findlay played his latest single ‘Nightclubs in Heaven’ which the crowd appeared to enjoy.

The 1:21s

Next up was The 1:21s fronted by Nick Shane. To begin with, the loud hum of instruments contrasted that of the previous act however the crowd soon adapted and enjoyed what was to come. Opening the set with ‘Hola Hello,’ was a very welcoming way of doing so. During their set they didn’t have to wait until the last song to leave a lasting impression. They already did throughout, thanks to their astounding guitar solos and bluesy bass. The track to stand out most was ‘Wired to the Moon’ taken from their latest album. Demonstrating the commendable talent of each member. At this point the crowd had dwindled. However, had there been a bigger audience this band would’ve been a hit.


As we drew closer to the end of the night it was ZenDen’s turn. A late but incredible addition to the bill. This was my first time hearing anything from this band to say I was impressed is an understatement. They had a noughties indie rock vibe going on but their guitar playing simultaneously kept it retro and modern. This accompanied by the lead singer’s powerful, raspy vocals also gave a folky feel, making it difficult to generalise this band which should be accredited. Along with their performance, their down to earth demeanour and interaction with the crowd, easily made them the highlight of the whole evening.

Paris Street Rebels

Finally Paris Street Rebels brought the evening to a close. Unfortunately they had the smallest reception but did they let that get them down? Of course not. They kicked up a thunderstorm nonetheless and this being their first gig, they didn’t disappoint. Their energy showed they loved being there and with every song they progressively eased into the setting more. With so much chemistry together their performance was electric. Similarly to the 121s had there been a bigger crowd; which they deserved their set would’ve been something else entirely. Eventually I hope to see them playing packed out gigs with hundreds jumping and moshing, especially to ‘Diane.’

Overall despite the small crowds it was a brilliant night and I’m delighted to see the return of local gigs. Surprisingly with no noticeable technical difficulties, a rarity each act was flawless.