Last month I had the pleasure of going down to a very special gig at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow, where we welcomed new faces to the scene and said goodbye to some old favourites.

Opening the show were Twist Helix, an alt-pop trio from Newcastle. They brought the energy from minute one, with an uplifting and inspiring vibe. Their big synth sounds and cool disco basslines could easily have been featured on a classic 80’s movie soundtrack, and they were a big hit with the crowd. The lead singer’s voice was unique and stood out over the upbeat electric backing of big, inspiring chords. If you’re looking for a good introduction to this band I’d definitely recommend queueing up their 2020 album Machinery; they played a lot of the tracks in their set which all sounded immense live.

The next act were our newcomers of the night, Ainako, and what a debut performance. From the get-go their lead singer held the audience in the palm of her hand with her commanding stage presence. Their dark and eerie branch of pop felt new and cool, and they have already found a great band image with matching make-up looks. Ainako came in feeling like an already well-established band, and with more gigs and hopefully some releases soon they are sure to make a big impact on the scene. The three-piece were received extremely well with the growing crowd and set up a good hype for the headliners.

The night closed with the final performance from Dundee duo Kendama. Their set gave off big festival vibes with catchy choruses and exciting drops. Though they are only two strong, their electric sound was huge and boomed through the venue. They were even brave enough to play some completely new material in the middle, which went over well with the crowd. The much anticipated (or maybe dreaded) return of the mosh pit was a fun reminder of pre-pandemic gigs and kept the crowd energised. The show was completely sold out, which Kendama definitely deserved for their last performance together.

The night overall had an amazing atmosphere; it was the first gig back for the majority of the audience and bands so it was a special gig for everyone involved.

Though Kendama are no more, it’s not goodbye forever. Check out their track Still Alright with Del Prez, a new project from Kendama’s John, who you can catch at The Bungalow in Paisley on the 21st of October.

Photo Credits: ShotByWill