Now come on, let’s take it slow. Let our bodies feel the music, cause we don’t have that long

The Lathums @ McChuills Glasgow 06/02/23

The Lathums kicked off their intimate stripped back album launch pub tour last week in Glasgow and I was privileged enough to be one of around 100 people who were packed into the city centre pub McChuills for the special show.

Wigan lads, The Lathums, have an incredible 18 months since the release of their number 1 debut album, How Beautiful Life Can Be. The guys have went strength to strength selling out shows across the country, securing prime festival slots and have been on tour with world class acts. Most notably their support slots with Kasabian and The Killers last year.

But 2023 is definitely all for The Lathums and witnessing the intimate show last week, there is absolutely no doubt that these lads are the future of the British Indie scene.

Doors are an early 7pm but the tiny clammy venue is quickly crowded wall to wall with eager fans. And with no support act, there is much anticipation for the 8.30 kick off. But right on time the band take to the small stage with the first albums’ charmingly sweet title track, How Beautiful Life Can Be. For the next track, the lads turn the tempo up with 2022 single release Say My Name. This really gets the fans fired up just in time for the first new tune of the evening, Lucky Bean. Due to make an appearance on their new album, Lucky Bean is an instant hit with fans. An upbeat feel good sing along similar to I’ll Get By from their first album.

Lucky Bean – The Lathums

Until this point I admittedly could barely hear Alex singing over the noise of the crowd. Which is equally a good and bad thing for the band. Every musician wants to hear the audience sing so loud they drown the band out but this almost feels rude. Thankfully by track 6 the balance has been restored in time for fan favourite All My Life, a song which quite frankly sums up the entire atmosphere of the evening. I will make no secret that I am here as a fan tonight. There is a strong sense of unity amongst the crowd tonight that everybody is here through sheer passion for the band and that is echoed by the atmosphere here tonight.

New Lathums recruit, Matty (bass) with Alex (vocals)

The lads look incredibly at ease tonight. I think this pub tour was as much for them as it was for the fans. After an intense few months supporting stadium bands to thousands of fans, it’s apparent that these four are desperately in need to reconnect with their grassroots. And that they did. Starting the evening off with small meet and greet at Glasgow’s West End Strip Joint Records, the band take time to chat with their fans and sign everything and anything they brought along to the event. There is a definite family sense to this gig and the guys are seen frequenting the bar and outdoor space just as eager to have a blether as their followers are.

Chatting with fans @ Strip Joint Records Glasgow

Alex Moore (lead vocals), Scott Concepcion(guitar/keys), Ryan Durrans (drums) and new recruit Matty Murphy (bass) are a natural fit together. They just get each other and know where to pick each other up when performing live. This is most apparent towards the end of the show when Scott takes to the keys for piano ballad Turmoil. These guys can effortlessly flip the pace and Turmoil song just highlights the array of talent on offer here.

Struggle – The Lathums

The band end their one hour set with latest single release Struggle which goes down estactically. One of the strongest offering from The Lathums yet, Struggle showcases everything this band is about – guitar driven melodic indie rock songs with outstanding poetic songwriting talent at the heart. Alex pours his vulnerability into his songwriting, offering relatable comfort which that allows the listener to interpret the lyrics on a personal perspective. Struggle is exactly that and upon hearing it sang passionately tonight, there are intense emotions across the room which ends the night on an incredible high.

The Lathums second album From Here to a Little Bit More will be released 03/03/2023.

Words by Anne Kelly