Single Review | Swim School | Delirious

An incredibly commanding track, challenging views on the treatment of women.

Delirious is Swim School’s newest track and it discusses how unfairly women are treated in the music industry. After a negative experience and doubtful thoughts thrown her way, singer Alice Johnson wrote the words to this incredibly powerful song.

Sexism and misogyny is something that has occurred in the music industry since it began. It is only in very recent times that women have been allowed to musically express themselves alongside men. However, in certain genres, it is more difficult for women to be accepted.

Certain musical genres like rock and metal are geared towards men, most likely because it is deemed by some to be too heavy for women to participate in. Johnson writes about this incredibly well. The heavier music helps to emphasise the strong emotions felt throughout the track. Billy McMahon’s powerful drumming and Lewis Bunting’s heavy guitar playing compliment the influential lyrics from Alice Johnson.

The Edinburgh based trio’s new song is their heaviest yet. Its incredible lyrics and sound will relate to women in all industries, particularly those in the music industry: “This happens to me every night, I can never do it right“, are the words that begin this song. This talks about the feeling of not being successful, no matter what you do. This same verse goes on to discuss types of prejudices and discrimination surrounding things we can’t control, “you disengage when you see my name, my face, my age“.

The chorus is commanding, forcing us to listen: “You’re so delirious, if you think I’ll ever listen to a word you say“, tells us it’s okay not to listen to unwanted remarks. These comments are often from those who don’t want us to succeed. “Your insecurities show nothing but your jealousy” are lyrics in the bridge explaining that negativity is often someone’s self-view projected onto us.

Swim School’s latest release is amazing. The lyrics stand up for women who have been treated negatively in the music industry. It has already been added to Spotify playlists like All New Rock. BBC’s Radio 1 have also given it airplay and was the first place for fans to listen to it. Swim School are female-fronted which makes them a refreshing sight in a male-dominated industry. This is a really meaningful track that I have had on repeat since it came out. I can’t wait to hear what they create next!