Gig Preview | The K’s | La Belle Angele

The K’s are set to play at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele next Thursday.

The indie band, formed in Earleston (between Manchester and Liverpool), resurfaced by taking the UK by storm recently in their UK tour with their very first album, “I Wonder If The World Knows?”, which reflects the classic indie rock ballad that is carried throughout all their songs.

Their debut album features their single “Heart On My Sleeve”, which was released last November, coinciding the indie band sound through the booming drums and guitar riffs.

The tour will also include their newest single, just released this February, “Black and Blue” and of course their hit songs “Sarajevo” and “Glass Towns” will also be set to create a buzz in the crowd on the 18th of April.

This tour will be sure to bring fans together for a night to remember. Check out the link below for more information on the tour!