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The Luzy Fopp EP was released in November from Glasgow 4 piece, Fuzzy Lop. The band describe themselves as; floaty vocals with an indie, punk, funk kick.

Fuzzy Lop got in touch with Discovery Music to ask us to give it a spin and hear our take on it. We ALWAYS love being sent new music here at DM so first of all, thanks for getting in touch with us. The music scene in Scotland is an amazingly busy place just now so we can’t always see what’s out there for ourselves. Sending on your work means we can showcase new things and hear of new bands for ourselves as writers and photographers.

Luzy Fopp is a 6 track EP with tracks produced by Joe Djaelani, Caroline McGregor and Blair Crichton.

Falling Apart is a great opening track and probably my favourite off the EP. It has that ‘funk kick’ the band described their sound as. The middle 8 section is my favourite, a quieter section of the song with some super cool drum fills and more dreamy guitar before the heavier rock rejoins.

The drums in ‘Surprise‘ make you want to move, there is a groove within the bass line in which you can imagine the crowd getting on board with live, moving in time with the beat.

Hold me starts with a Spanish/jazzy sounding acoustic guitar melody. This is the only track off the EP in which I feel the singer was able to showcase those ‘floaty’ vocals and articulation of the words/lyrics were understood. In a live set it would make a swift dynamical change from the rest of the tracks in their set and would be a cool ‘wow’ moment for me if I was to watch this played out live.

Musically, I feel this EP is really great, they are talented musicians in their own right and together they create some really powerful and bold moments together, some are fairly hypnotic. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t resonate with the vocals in all of the tracks. I personally feel that there is real significance in songwriting in music; what are the stories behind the songs, how should we feel about the topics being sung about and I feel this was sometimes more poignant in other tracks.

Lyrics are what can demand my attention and ensure I hit the repeat button on listening. Hold Me was a perfect example of how the vocalist can perform and for me this made for an enjoyable listen. If the band included more sections like this throughout their songs I feel I’d have enjoyed the EP even more so than I did.

With having multiple producers on a 6 track EP with each having very different musical ideals, I feel as thought there is mixed direction about how the band may want to sound and how best this is portrayed throughout the EP. I feel there are some tracks that stand out more than others, Falling Apart, Surprised and I confessed being the stand out songs on this EP for me. I’d like to see the band narrow down their ideas somewhat for future releases so the listener can have a real understanding of the bands intention.

It was enjoyable to listen to the EP having never heard of the band and discover something new. I am excited to hear what the band come up with next!

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