Virtues | Never Better l Album Review l 18/07/22

Virtues are an up and coming alternative rock band from Aberdeen, the group previously released their debut EP, You’re Alive in 2020 as well as their recent singles Animals and Blue, now the four piece are back with the release of their debut album Never Better.

The album kicks off with the single Animals, an up beat tune that acts as a great opener for the album with catchy melodies and punchy guitar. The track really sets the album up well and lets you know what can be expected for the remainder of the album.

Never Better continues with Delusions, a moody song that really showcases the incredible vocals on the album as well as the skills of each instrumentalist within the band. Following this is Flight a track that slightly slows the album down and introduces a different sound to the listener. This really helps show variety in the bands songwriting abilities and creates a bit more difference between the tracks.

One notable thing about Never Better, is how unique each song is and how they each stand out individually, the songwriting abilities of the band is something really quite impressive. Another high point in the album is how well produced the album sounds considering it was created by a small local band.

The album continues with some more moody atmospheric tracks including the album title song itself, Never Better, before the final track What Did She Tell Me. Another incredible example of their abilities in creating new and unique songs that can hype up a crowd as well as some incredible vocals and playing. The piece is a great finisher for the album, ending it on a high and energetic note. For listeners unfamiliar with the group, Never Better would definitely leave you eager to hear more.

Overall, the album is great quality for such a small band. The vocals and instrumentals are incredible and shows off the talent each member holds, the songs are unique, have variety and would go down well in a live setting and the group have done an excellent job at creating their own unique sound.

You can check out Never Better on all major streaming platforms and can follow the Virtues for updates and live dates here: Virtues