The Stoals | Hometown Hero | Single Review

The Stoals are an up-and-coming indie rock band from Shetland. The group released their debut single “Something Controversial” in 2020 and are back with their newest track “Hometown Hero”.

“Hometown Hero” begins with a gripping punky guitar riff and steady drumbeat. From the get-go the song is full of energy and engaging for the listener. The track features a catchy melody that is great for listeners to sing along to as well as plenty of different guitar and bass riffs throughout the track.  With each listen of the song, you discover something new whether it’s a bassline or guitar melody, it makes the song a great listen. Throughout the track the sections change, keeping it fresh and interesting.

In terms of instrumentation, each instrument plays a perfect part in the song. Throughout the track each instrument adjusts to match the energy of that section meaning sometimes the drums will be heavier than other sections. Each instrument works perfectly within the song and helps create an amazing energy and atmosphere. The lyrics are no exemption to this, the punchy and punky attitude of the song’s lines also fit in great with the track’s overall energy. All of this makes the song the perfect track for a live setting as it would be high energy and engaging to any audience.

Overall, “Hometown Hero” is a great track and arguably one of the best releases of 2021. The song is high energy, with each aspect of instrumentation and different sections working great together. “Hometown Hero” will make listeners excited to hear what’s next from “The Stoals”.