Vocalist Daniel McGuigan branded COOL! an homage to ‘’the music [they] think bands that play in capes and wear make-up would write.” He joked, “But shit.’’ As usual, the band delivered their well-known wit in their lyrics which listeners are accustomed to and fond of. 

As their first track to be released in 2021, The Bleeders lead us into a promising year for their developments within music. From the shouty, often illegible vocals to the extremely well-developed instrumentation of the track, their sound is constantly improving and providing their worldwide fanbase with more and more experimental music. The track was recorded nearly a year before its release (January 9th 2020) alongside Tony from Dead Pony: “at times when restrictions weren’t physically and mentally crippling,” says McGuigan. 

When the track feels most climactic, the band brings in sections of stripped back instrumentals courtesy of The Bleeders’ guitarist, Jackson Harvey. These types of unexpected choices in their music are what make the band so unique and intriguing to all audiences. Not only the instrumental choices, but a majority of the band’s distinctiveness comes from their lyrical content. When asked about the line “Fuck the Pope, fuck the Queen, and fuck yer team,” vocalist, Daniel had lots to say. “The only time we stray into anything nearly legible is the line that’s probably unprintable, wherein, we wished to speak out against religious and sports based bigotry. Yet, in a manner strictly regulated by an unbiased stance, insulting everyone equally… For the sake of equality.

Unsurprisingly, The Bleeders have blown it out of the water with their newest track, COOL! and their light-hearted lyrical wit and talents within the music scene have been missed since their last release, I Love You (You’re Beautiful) in June of 2020. We cannot wait to see what lies in store for the band in the new year.

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