Photography : Hannah Metcalfe

Leading techno festival Terminal V have just unveiled a new partnership with Social Bite in an aim to combat homelessness in Scotland.

The recent success of Terminal V’s Halloween instalment ‘The Reckoning’ has only solidified their outstanding reputation and contribution to Scotland’s clubbing scene. In fact, thanks to guest list donations and merchandise sales on the day, the Terminal V team managed to raise a brilliant £3685.70 towards Social Bite’s work.

So, what do Social Bite do? They offer a range of support to those who find themselves unfortunate enough to be homeless. From rehousing support programmes and employment opportunities, to distributing food supplies to those in poverty who simply wouldn’t get it otherwise.

Overall, Social Bite offer a pathway for vulnerable beings to begin their integration back into society, but to do so, they need all of the support that they can get.

It’s always endearing when a huge platform such as Terminal V, partners with a charity to share their audience and give support. It seems ever more common that businesses in the clubbing scene are making these connections. Glasgow venue SWG3 is another recent one to make the headlines for their innovative charity spirit.

I put to you that with more stories like these cropping up, once again we are faced with the much-needed discussion on outdated stigma around the clubbing scene.

Terminal V’s success story shows no signs of slowing down. With crowds multiplying every annuum and the roster of international DJs exceeding each event, we believe that the pairing with Social Bite is a fantastic way for them to support their homeland.

 Up next is Terminal V’s Easter gathering at the Royal Highland Centre where with your support we can aim to beat their last fundraiser total .

Find more information on Social Bite and how to donate here.

Register for pre-sale tickets for Terminal V Easter 2020 here.