Released on Bricolage, Decompression is the new EP from Glasgow based Ty Lumnus.Fraser Rowan is the man behind the sound on this one. This new EP takes his previous downtempo compilation to bring something more racey and upbeat. It’s a successful soundscape of epic proportions.

It’s not what you think it’s going to be… or is it. The ethereal minor electro feature that opens the first track of this EP, “Bird in the Air Pump” sets the tone for something that’s all a little bit abstract and spacey. But then the synth drum kick slips in with a drop beat so fine you’ll start to feel a little more sublime. It’s a guessing game this one, are you going down the trippy rabbit hole or to the tea party upstairs. Each time that beat drops in, my feet can’t help but tap.

The next tune carries on in a similar haunted house vibe kind of way. Bordering on spooky house on a hill theme tune with woodwind samples and weird minor, arpeggiated chords that clash and burn in your inner ear drum. But all the while there’s this driving backbeat that screams out house party. “3 in Goats” is a mind bender of a track.

“Tolerances”. Now we’re talking. It’s bouncy, it’s a low-fi techno esque number with lots of little syncopated features that drizzle housey goodness on top of every leading bass beat at the start of each bar. This feeling continues into the last track that is less dark and more sci-fi drama backdrop material. The chorus feature is the highlight, unlike any other part you’ve heard already from this EP. Think classic 8-bit with a twist of tasty underground.

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