2020 is going to be a monumental year for Elgin based four-piece, New mode. They represent everything that is great about indie-rock and I definitely believe these boys will be ones to watch in the new year!

New mode have just recently released their brand new single, and with almost 5000 plays on Spotify already, “The Ryder” is a tune that is taking the local scene by storm. Right from the offset I was greeted with mighty guitars and strong drums, that carry on throughout the duration of the tune. One of my immediate thoughts as soon as I started listening was that it reminded me of the likes of Pretty Vicious and Twisted Wheel so if you are a fan of these bands then definitely get listening to “The Ryder”!

The energy is persistent throughout the chorus and the rest of the tune, and I particularly loved the lyrics “just want to pick you up and shake you free”, I think these are the perfect words to kick off a powerful chorus. The chorus is also really catchy, and it is exactly the type that would get a crowd jumping, I really need to see it live soon! “The Ryder” is a constant burst of high energy and it is so refreshing, I have been wanting a tune like this to erupt onto the local scene for a while!

The tempo changes towards the end of the tune, focussing a lot on the instruments. It becomes a lot slower for a bit, which sounds really nice, before stylishly erupting into the last chorus. The tune then finishes with another instrumental break before effectively fading out.  

I have been very impressed by New mode’s new single and I really think this band are going to go places in 2020, so get listening to them and see what the hype is about!

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