The latest single from Winn Dixie can be summed up in one word. Masterpiece. Breakfast in Bed takes the listener on a musical journey, and an undoubtedly emotional one at that. As a result, the only way to review this single and do it justice is to consider this single in two equally brilliant parts.

Mellow beginnings set the mood, with jangly guitar layered with raspy vocals creating a relaxing, melancholic vibe. Every sound comes together to form a wonderfully melodic, lyrically poignant single. Winn Dixie utilise those romantic lyrics to conjure up memories of Breakfast in Bed, sleepy mornings, times that seem worlds away in the current global situation.

The single could end here and still be a great single from an up and coming band, but what happens next justifies my earlier statement that this is a musical masterpiece. So far removed from the earlier melancholy, Breakfast in Bed bounces back with a whole new sound and feeling. Catchy, upbeat guitar with punchy drums and vocals make this such an exciting single, the sort of song that makes crowds get up and dance.

Suddenly the listener is transported to the distant memory of gigs in the band’s native Glasgow, dancing with friends underneath strobe lights after one too many pints, all in the name of live music. This is the perfect single for moments like that. The lyrics change from their earlier romance into an emotional outburst over a past romance. This really is a single of two halves, further demonstrating the duality of love.

This is one of my favourite singles at the minute, the perfect sound to the approaching Summer. I cannot wait to catch Winn Dixie in action when gigs are not just a thing of the past.

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