Ordinary Strange is a concept everyone is familiar with at the minute. With the nation in lockdown and many people confined to their homes, what has become ordinary is undeniably strange. There is no better remedy for the lockdown blues than good music, and the latest release from Edinburgh-based quintet DMS is exactly that.

Ordinary Strange was previously unreleased, unearthed from the band’s archives, and it is a hidden gem. Despite having many pop rock influences, DMS have their own distinctive sound and style, breaking down and rebuilding the preconceived notions listeners may have surrounding this genre of music. Ordinary strange is far from ordinary, it is innovative.

Ordinary Strange starts off slow, really pulling the focus to the vocals. This had me hooked instantly. Slow music is not normally something I listen to, but the sheer talent of the singer is almost impossible to quantify in words. Click the link at the bottom of the article and find out for yourself, definitely one of the stand-out voices in the upcoming Scottish music scene, he has the strength and clarity of Hozier, but with some signature rock-influenced bite.

Ordinary Strange starts very mellow, but builds and builds as the single progresses, eventually reaching a powerful pop-rock crescendo. It is in-your-face, punchy, loud, everything this single needed to make it memorable.

Unfortunately, lockdown has made it impossible for DMS to record new material, but when they do I will be right there waiting for it, not only from the perspective of a journalist, but as a fan.

We are all a little strange, and if you can embrace it, you can create something spectacular.

Check out DMS and Ordinary Strange below!