You may know Travis for their classic tune ‘Sing’ or perhaps the lovely ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’? Nonetheless, six album releases after their second and most eminent album ‘The Man Who’ the Glaswegian 4 piece have released their 9th album, named 10 Songs which has been awarded BBC Radio 2’s album of the week. 

Waving at the Window is a beautifully written track which opens and sets the mood of Travis’ excellent, latest album. The song opens with captivating and sombre piano playing which, in partnership with Fran Healy’s crystal clear vocals induces emotion, a quality found in many of Travis’ pieces. A gentle yet upbeat tempo played on drums accompanies a tender electric guitar which exquisitely compliments the prominent piano.

Waving at the Window is a great example of Healy’s lyrical genius. Like most Travis tracks this one sticks with you. This track in particular appears to be a love song that explores second chances and the notion of staying together, conveyed by the lyric “I’m not gonna leave you waiting at the window.” A line worth noting is the opening lyric which states “this is no rehearsal this is the take” which delivers the reality of love and life. 

Overall, Waving at the Window is an incredible opener for an excellent, mellow album which you can stream using the link below. You can also catch Travis play FatSams in Dundee next May, in association with Assai Records.