Thurso dynamics Forgetting The Future put a permanent stamp on a listener’s memories with their confident display of indie excellence on exciting new track ‘Cherry’

The Highland natives Forgetting The Future are a band who are already in possession of the catalogue and the prestige that most bands in their position would kill for. With a fast-forward sonic skip in their step, the boys are not just simply building on their predecessors’ techniques, they’re creating their own.

Frontman Robbie McNicols possesses the type of vocal range that can only be achieved through an immense amount of natural flair and uniqueness and it is more than evident on this track as he rides the wave of some incredibly punchy and emphatic riffs and bombastic drum beats. It is evident that, not only have the band created a track with an impressive amount of longevity and replay ability, they have also created a track for a stage and more or less every sector of the public domain that you can think of. The track takes no prisoners through it’s ability to control a listener into playing it as loud as it can possibly go, if there is such a limit to convey the volume you have to go to to fully appreciate the track and it’s nuances. For a band of such a young age, they have created something that their influences could’ve only dreamed about creating at their age.

The band have been making some very influential links in the industry and the Scottish music scene as a whole, supporting the likes of Sam Fender as well as national mainstays Baby Strange. The band have also been coming back off of the release of their record Broken Phones and Hormones earlier this year and it seems that they are on a trajectory that is impossible to come down from.

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