Constructing of members from Australia, to Poland, to bonnie Scotland (and now based in Edinburgh) The Super Moons certainly knows how to pour culture into their music and their latest track ‘All About You’ proves just that.

The mood of the track is instantly captured with an ominous quote on the emotional experiences faced by everyone in life. With mysterious vibes coming off the chiming instrumentation and descending patterns in the melody, a theme of uncertainty is shown. As the song progresses, there’s an idea of an attempt to lift someone out of a bad time in their life, both lyrically and musically. Jangly guitars come together with the electric guitar and a calming bass line to provide a chilled out, yet exciting vibe to reflect the songs meaning.

The lyrics within are very motivational, with lines including ‘hold your head up high, take a stride’ and ‘what you can do is climb so far.’ Sung with clear vocals, this shows that these messages need to be heard and understood clearly as they are important. 

Overall the track showcases that everyone struggles and everyone can always pull through and The Super Moons have done exceptionally well to illustrate this in ‘All About You.’