Dunbar indie rock outfit ‘Never Now’ have recently reignited the fuse of early 1990’s alternative rock with their latest single ‘Reminisce’.

The Dunbar indie rock outfit begin their track with muddy sounding guitar feedback ringing into a Kaizer Chiefs esque build up. The tune features a clear early 90’s Brit Pop influence similar to bands such as The Stone Roses and that raw punk rock sound Oasis achieved with their single ‘Bring it on Down’.

‘Reminisce’ lyrically dives in to the relatable feeling of reflecting upon the past to happier times, proving to be relevant now more than ever during a socially distant lockdown. Never Now also optimistically dream of a positive future, promising things can drastically improve – “Tomorrow’s not far away” 

A warm crunchy guitar solo excellently punches in to the chorus towards the end of the track very reminiscent of Noel Gallagher – aswell as the licks and leads that consistently compliment the memorable riff playing in the background. 

Never Now are able to capture the currently excelling modern Scottish approach to 1990’s punk/ rock ‘n’ roll fuelled by bands such as The Snuts and The Capollos with quick paced thick guitar melodies and catchy, relatable lyrics reflecting the current times for a younger audience.

Take yourself back in time to the initial burst of the Brit Pop scene with ‘Reminisce’ on Spotify.