‘Helium’ is a bubbly new pop track from emerging Scottish band Yellow Helen. 

Released on Valentine’s Day, the single garnered a lot of love with its bright upbeat tone. This single can be tracked as a slight shift in the genre and style for the multi-talented trio.

After the release of ‘Feels Good’ two weeks before, ‘Helium’ confirms a noticeable experimentation and diversification in Yellow Helen’s discography. It is exciting to hear the band exploring new genres of blues and funk in a playful and contemporary way.

At its core, ‘Helium’ is song about coming of age and self-compassion. Lewis Macpherson’s hopeful lyrics act as a guide on being your authentic self such as “find a boy or girl or something in between”. The biblical references in the song don’t go unnoticed as we see the poetics of theology used to ironically unpick the meaning of personhood. 

The tune has a delightful bounce which is achieved by a synchronicity in Maxwell Weaver’s dynamic drumming and Joseph Flower’s smooth keys. You can feel the joy and carefree tone of the lyrics translate in the boisterous and invigorated sound.

‘Helium’ is undoubtedly a song which will leave you on a high. It is a freeing reminder of the unexpected and joyful experience of being alive. 

Check out the track below, and on Yellow Helen’s socials!