Single Review | WRTHLESS | Glass Cabinet 

If you are yet to listen to Wrthless, now is your sign. The 5 piece pop-punk band from Glasgow are back with brand new single and fun- filled video to go with it.

The band haven’t shown any signs of slowing down despite the struggles of Covid-19. Dropping 4 singles during lockdowns that made up their self titled debut EP. Over a year on from this, the boys are back with brand new single Glass Cabinet. The singles off the back of November release of Fractured.

With a strong controlling drum beat, tasty guitar riffs and top of the range vocals, it certainly shows why this was chosen as the lead single of 2022 and paves the way for what’s certain to be a highly sucsessful release for the band.

Glass Cabinet can be found on all music platforms including Spotify & iTunes. You can also find the new music video below, on the bands socials and on YouTube.