Scottish three-piece, Panhead Sharps, newest single What Have I Become is their latest work in a line of singles. The band, hailing from Dunfermline, have been releasing their music on Spotify since 2023.  

The trio are known for their mix of rock and alternative influences and an electric stage presence. While they are still newly formed, Panhead Sharps have the same level confidence in their sound as a band that’s been around for decades. 

What Have I Become is a rock anthem that grabs your attention, gripping and shaking you to stand up and listen. It weaves in the subject of self-discovery, focusing on identity, control, and “the consequences of one’s actions in the soul.” 

Immediately you are hit with waves of drums (Troy Leggatt) and bass (Michael Watson), propelling you forward into a true rock rhythm. Vocals (John Simpson) battle against the wall of music, biting in an almost angry manner.  

What Have I Become has more punch and frustration than their previous songs, expanding the tone of the band. 

The end of the song treats us to an animalistic guitar solo, leaving plenty of time for the crowd to bump and bash into each other as they dance wildly, pulled into a world of rock.  

Panhead Sharps have smashed it out the park with this one, a sturdy addition to their growing discography.  

The group have several upcoming shows to give you a chance to hear them live. If they’re playing near you, it would be a worthwhile gig to go to! The shows are: 

Dundee – Roots – July 13 

Dunfermline – PJ Molloys – July 20 (supporting) 

Edinburgh – Sneaky Petes – August 17 (supporting) 

Dunfermline – MCQS – August 24 

Glasgow – McChuills – October 25 (supporting) 

Featured Image Credit: @panheadsharps on Instagram

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