Gig Review | Nickelback | OVO Hydro | 16.5.24

Nickelback – Fan or Liar? I saw this slogan on a T-shirt at one of the merch stands, and it was a genius slogan given that the Canadian rockers have been dividing opinions for years! But the atmosphere in the OVO Hydro was undeniably tangible with anticipation as rock enthusiasts could not wait to welcome back the 4-piece after 6 years as they visited Glasgow for the ‘Get Rollin’ Tour!

From the moment the lights went out and the meaty riffs and beats kicked in for “San Quentin,” taken from their latest album “Get Rollin‘,” the cheers and screams carried through the full arena. The high-energy performance gave us insight that this was going to be a night like no other! Lead singer Chad Kroeger welcomed the Glaswegian fans, sharing,

You guys have always been so damn good to us. We should be playing outside…

…He suggested with a surprised tone as it was a rare hot day with sunshine. But the heat was about to rise in Glasgow’s biggest venue as fans were left exhilarated with a setlist that was a carefully curated mix of old favourites and new music.

CC: Lucie Cameron

Someday” was clearly a fan favourite. Nickelback had the entire crowd singing along to one of the best pop-rock choruses to have ever hit the scene. The crowd sang over Chad’s unique rocky and raspy tones as he also played a deliciously looking glittery Gibson Les Paul.

One of the most mesmerising and heartwarming moments of the night came during the performance of “When We Stand Together.” A song full of emotion and themes of how important the human race is, and how powerful we can be if we all play our part in supporting one another in whatever way that can look like. It was performed with beautiful video clips to illustrate this, and in particular, it was highlighted that guitarist Ryan Peake’s wife has set up a phenomenal charity called the Obakki Foundation, which is a “global community of change-makers!”

To keep the crowd on a high and the energy explosive, Chad “toasted” with fans by taking a shot right before kicking into the epic well-known song “Hero” from the original Spider-Man film. The interaction with the fans was evident as each member of the band commanded the stage. There was even a heckler from a fan near the front shouting, “We love you, metro man!” to which Chad responded with, “I love you too, random citizen” – a humorous and timely response inspired from the movie Megamind.

CC: Lucie Cameron

The production values were also incredible, with amazing visuals depicting the passing of time with the “Get Rollin'” van turning into the DeLorean from “Back To The Future,” Ecto-1 from “Ghostbusters,” the A-Team van, and various other famous film vehicles. Each and every fan was in the palm of Nickelback’s hands as they continued to chant for more of the spectacular show that was taking place, with fans singing along word for word to songs like “This Afternoon,” “Animals,” and literally word for word with “Rockstar,” as one lucky fan got invited to the stage to join the band singing!

The band took us on a journey hearing new music from their album and also a trip down memory lane with the iconic hit “How You Remind Me.” A spine-tingling acoustic version of “Photograph” sent shivers through the arena as phone lights lit up all around, creating a sense of unity and connection between fans who were strangers and the much-loved band who felt deeply connected to us.

Of course, Nickelback had an amazing support act opening for them – The Lottery Winners, who were invited back on stage towards the end of the night for a rendition of “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis, which felt appropriate given they are from the greater Manchester area, and the crowd absolutely loved it, with further echoes of voices carrying the rousing melody!

The breathtaking journey into the heart of the iconic rock n roll sounds from Nickelback ended with “Gotta Be Somebody,” which is a powerful moving song that somehow uplifts and shares the desperation we all have deep in our hearts for connection. And finally, wrapping up the flawless performances was the blasting of the electrifying rock anthem “Burn It To The Ground“!

It is clearly undeniable that this was one amazing night, and for anyone who debates the talent of Nickelback, it would suggest they have not yet been to see them live – which makes it all the more appropriate for their slogan t-shirts: Nickelback – Fan, or liar?