After the success of their 2022 debut album Unlearning, Glasgow’s Walt Disco are back with new single Pearl, an angelic low-fi ballad discussing the homesickness that comes from lengthy worldwide tours and the realities of life in a band.

A sharp departure from the new romantic dance anthems on their debut, Walt Disco deliver a welcome surprise to listeners. Dropping the jagged electrics for a significantly more mellow, reflective sound. If a song like Selfish Lover is the night before, Pearl is the morning after.

Despite crafting a new sound, the alt-pop five piece still ensure their signature style shines through. Most notably through lead singer James Potter’s unmistakable vocal charm. Which is propped up superbly by delicate strings, lush harmonies and dreamy keys. The soothing backing guarantees the story of the song isn’t lost.

Drummer and songwriter Jack Martin highlights the thoughts that led to the creation of the song, “I cast my eye forward in time and consider where the consequences of this lifestyle will leave me, while also accepting that this is the life I’ve chosen and I know it’s what I’m meant to do”.

This kind of departure from such a distinct sound is a delightfully bold move for a band in Walt Disco’s shoes. Ears should absolutely be pricked up for future releases, more refreshing new sounds are hopefully not far away!

The band are soon to support synth-pop legends OMD on their European tour, coming to Edinburgh March 6th and Glasgow March 8th.