Single Review | Gun | Take Me Back Home

Iconic Scottish rockers Gun release new, rollicking single ‘Take Me Back Home.’ 

Seminal Scottish band Gun are set to release their ninth studio album Hombres on the 12th of April 2024, and with this has came the release of Take Me Back Home. Hombres, the first album of all new music from the band since the release of Favourite Pleasures in 2017, has been hotly anticipated since its announcement and was even praised by Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris who stated: “Some of their best songs since Gallus.”  

Vocalist Dante Gizzi had this to say about the riff-heavy Take Me Back Home: “It’s a song that encompasses all aspects of obsession and determination. I had a deep fixation with a driving arcade game called Outrun when I was a kid. The track relates with the idea of high-octane intensity and the will to complete the next level, which was always within reach but always out of grasp.”

When listening to the track, it’s certainly easy to agree with Gizzi on its high-octane nature as the frenetic energy of the guitar riffs mixed with the pounding drums concoct the signature, hard rock Gun cocktail. The track also contains an extremely lively tempo which makes Gizzi’s influence from the arcade game Outrun fairly clear to see. On the subject of Gizzi, his vocal performance is incredibly powerful and really boosts the song’s overall dynamic spirit.

Overall, it is definitely easy to agree with Steve Harris’ comments. If Take Me Back Home is a sign of what to expect from the upcoming Hombres, then fans of Gun should be extremely excited for April 12th. The release of Take Me Back Home came with the additional announcement of three intimate live performances to tie-in with the release of Hombres. These are scheduled for the 25th, 26th, and 27th of April and will take place in Montrose, Glasgow, and Dunfermline respectively. Tickets are available exclusively via