Aberdonian four piece Vansleep have dropped their latest single ‘Acid Weather’ this morning, and it’s definitely giving isolation a boost that we all need. So much so I can almost taste the cider and smell the fresh cut grass.

Jumping straight into business we are greeted with Kyle’s vocals and the rhythm guitar, which really locks down the emotion of the track. The lead guitar tinkering in the background gives the piece a more uplifting summer vibe. It has you engaged from the get go, and will play on your emotions from here on in.

Moving into the second verse everything gets a bit heavier, but still tight none the less. It’s a very powerful moment, and Kyle definitely knows how to work his vocals to show this. This is the moment when it becomes clear how mature the boys have become from their first ever single ‘Get Up’ to now. Providing the uplifting moment we are all waiting for.

Musically this track is everything we could want, and more. Although it doesn’t have a defined chorus as such, the melodies and phrases at the end of each verse are still catchy. It’s a feeling of hopelessness, but an understanding that you’re not the only one.

‘Acid Weather’ is something the boys should be proud of as it’s a mark in time of how far they have come and progressed along the years.

You can check out the track and Vansleep’s socials via all the links below:

‘Acid Weahter’

Twitter: @Vansleepuk