After two years of radio silence, Hunter and The Bear return to claim their crown as rocks hottest young property.

Hunter and The Bears debut LP ‘Paper Heart’ was released in 2017 with great acclaim and chart success. In 2018 they delivered the occasional single. Then the band vanished.

Yet in 2019 they did not sit idle. Instead, the band went to Wales. They worked with the Grammy-nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda, who previously recorded with Bring Me The Horizon and Twin Atlantic. Who have been two key influences on the bands sound. ‘Digital Light’ is the first song from their Cardiff sessions.

Credit: Jennifer McCord

The track takes it’s time to build in classic rock fashion. It dips into an extremely interesting almost acoustic track before launching toward an explosive final chorus.

‘Digital Lights’ turns the guitars up to 11 and sounds more polished than the bands previous singles. The chorus is infectious and is clearly meant to be played loud. Then eventually sung even louder.

The single itself is brash and bold. Its also already a huge hit and accomplishment for the band as the track reached number one on Itunes rock chart last week. For a song about disengagement, it has connected with many people.

The song itself centres around the lack of human connection we experience due to technological advancements. An interesting theme albeit disconnected to our living situation in which our only link to society is through technology.

Due to Covid19, the UK leg of their tour has been postponed. However, it does give you something to look forward to this Autumn when they return to the stage in September.

You can listen to Digital Light here. Follow this link to buy tickets for their tour. Check out their socials: Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube