Glasgow based DIY alt band The Wife Guys of Reddit are back with new single ‘Pig Fat’.

Since their first release back in 2020, The Wife Guys of Reddit have been busy working and establishing themselves as proflific members of the Glasgow DIY alt scene. The super-group composed of Arion Xenos, Niamh MacPhail, Elise Atkinson and Angus Fernie are quickly becoming recognisable names across the Scottish music scene, selling out gigs and gaining radio-play with each new release.

Their most recent release ‘Pig Fat’ explores the concept of fighting god and offers a sound that is vastly different to their latest EP ‘Wet and Tired’ and showcases a new range to the band. The track opens with a distorted guitar round that immediately captures your attention from the get-go, before the vocals enter. The melody line throughout the verses features short and punchy lead vocals, repeating the phrase ‘I’m under pressure’ which compliment the instrumental backing perfectly. In the chorus, MacPhail’s vocals enter with a tone and melody that hook you in even further and offer a real highlight within the track. At 1:39 the track ends sharply and leaves you wanting to listen to it on repeat. Overall I absolutely love this track and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Throughout the rest of 2022, The Wife Guys of Reddit have an exciting catalogue of live performances coming up all over the UK. Make sure to check them out on social media for ticket details and to stay up to date with any up-coming releases!