The Vanities unleash their first new music of 2022!

Happy Friday! The Vanities have made a glorious return today with their first new music since their ‘Your Kids Are Gonna Love It’ EP last September.

The Glaswegian quartet delve into themes of addiction with noisy punk offering ‘10 Til’ 10’. Sonically the track features fast paced riffs, frenetic drums and Alan’s pop-punk vocal delivery which is on top form as always. He sings clever lyrics which are deeply honest and personal. Written about struggling with alcohol dependency, highlights include ‘blood is thick but vodka’s thicker’ and ‘I’ve seen the sticker on the bottom of every liquor’.

Alan Hannah commented: “10 Til’ 10 is a personal song about coming to terms with your substance abuse. Hitting the bottle throughout the week and especially over lockdowns where you start a bit earlier and a bit earlier and tell yourself it’s acceptable. It’s trying to make a conscious effort of nipping it in the bud before hypothetically letting it ruin your life. Stuff like introducing yourself in AA in the second verse. Sometimes 10 Til’ 10 isn’t long enough to get the drink in.”

If you’re looking for a high-energy single to soundtrack your weekend then look no further – The Vanities have you covered!

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