The Stoned Immaculate recently released a new heartfelt and personal track which tells us ‘the story of wanting to be happy but having a voice in your head that holds you back.’ Their first EP, “Nah.” was released in 2020 and proved to be a great success in their fanbase and all around the world as they gained notoriety for their unique sound and individual talents and their talents as a group. 

The four-piece group that hail from Glasgow have been releasing music since 2019 but as time passes, their sound has matured and developed in many aspects, especially lead singer Louis Jamieson’s vocals and lyrics. The musical sound of “Get Away (Jodie)” is quite uncommon and rare in modern music, especially hailing from the Scottish music scene. On this specific track, I seem to hear clear influence in the sound from bands such as The Kooks and The Fratellis. The honest commentary in the lyrics (“Don’t watch the news if you wanna have hope.”) causes the track to stick with you. 

Guitarist Callum Hughes delivers upbeat and positive melodies alongside drummer Scott Lennon and bassist Harrison Todd, who work perfectly in unison to bring us their new, adventurous song. Vocalist Louis Jamieson brings very distinctive but enthralling vocals on the track. Although the sound of “Get Away (Jodie)” doesn’t fit the conventional sound of The Stoned Immaculate, it’s certainly a beautiful song with a very personal and relatable message.

The Stoned Immaculate have a developed and individual sound and their newest track, “Get Away (Jodie)” definitely proves that. If you’re ever in need of some lockdown positivity, you should definitely check out the release. 

Single Artwork by @erinmaemcevoy on Instagram

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