Forgotten Sons are a Scottish alternative rock band from Shetland. The group formed in 2015 and released their debut EP “Just So You Know” in 2020. Since then the band have been playing gigs and gaining popularity throughout Scotland.

“Last December” was written as a celebration of the better times prior to the uncertainty of lockdown. The song acts almost as a tribute to the days where live music and performance was allowed and we were all closer as humans. The song heavily focuses on the band’s love and passion for music and the disappointment of that passion pushed aside in 2020.

The song begins with somber yet peaceful guitar perfectly capturing the feelings and themes described above. The intro is gripping however this quickly changes into a more upbeat rock song. This change is interesting and engages the listener. The intro perfectly sets the song up and captures the song’s themes before the vocals are introduced. 

From the intro onwards the track is a high energy upbeat piece contrasting the first few bars. The energy within the track perfectly represents the idea of “better times” and feeling alive. You can almost hear the band’s love for playing music through the song. 

In terms of lyrics and vocals, the tracks lines are quite simple however this works well with the piece and could represent the idea of simpler times. The vocals are very punky and work great with heavy guitar, bass and drums as well as the band’s style.

Overall Last December is a great upbeat track to listen to during these uncertain and negative times. Hearing a song so positive is almost like a breath of fresh air during today’s circumstances and that is what Last December feels like.

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