‘Drop offs’ continues The Skins’ politically influenced lyrical movement following the release of ‘One Man’ at the start of the year.

The Inverclyde indie rockers feature explicit anti-establishment lyrics, showing no remorse to the current Conservative government in power – bringing attention to the behaviour of Jacob-Rees Mogg in particular. The Skins lyrically explore the impression of higher power leaders who feed on having authority and manipulation to gain support, ultimately bettering themselves in an economical sense.

Reminiscent to that of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, the subversive punks take great pride in utilising a fuzzy bass driven introduction with an infectious riff that continues throughout the tune, complimented by distorted power chords and aggressive but incredibly precise drums. 

The track includes a sample from the House of Commons during a Brexit debate, where Caroline Lucas penalises Mogg for lying down, spread across three seats and showing no interest in the subject. The punk rockers continue this section with a solid bass drum beat and a constant hit of their unique overdriven bass in the background, before raising adrenaline levels once again with the return of their lone guitarist’s distorted chord progression in to a climactic chorus. 

Satisfy your daily adrenaline-rush punk needs with ‘Drop Offs’ on Spotify.