Single Review | The Kaves | 1000 White Lies

Glasgow indie rock four piece The Kaves make their first release of 2023 with the utterly mesmerising ‘1000 White Lies’

The Kaves began in Glasgow in late 2019 and released their debut single ‘Migraines’ in September 2021. The group consists of lead singer and guitarist, Dave MacDiarmid, drummer Evan Hunter and brothers Liam & Sean Prior on lead and bass guitar respectively. This is now the fourth release from the lads and it is an absolute gem.

Think ‘505’ by Arctic Monkeys, ‘The 17th’ by Courteeners or ‘The Dying Light’ by Sam Fender. That build up to the explosive finish, often the fan favourite in the set or on the album. Now The Kaves have that anthem in the bag.

The song begins with an acoustic guitar intro with the lead riff joining in just before the first verse kicks off. The lyrics of the song deal with accepting lies rather than accepting difficult or uncomfortable truths. This is captured mostly in the chorus where MacDiarmid laments “tell me a thousand white lies and I’ll be satisfied… Tell me a thousand more truths and I’ll run away from you.”

Around the 3 minute mark, things quieten down to just vocals before the full band kicks in. The drums are made so much more powerful after the absence and there’s a wailing guitar solo to kick off this section. It’s big and it’s powerful, as are Dave MacDiarmid’s vocal.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing this live and there’ll be plenty of chances to see The Kaves throughout 2023. You can catch them supporting The Jack Fletcher band in Edinburgh on the 14th April but make sure to check out the boys’ social media pages below for more gig announcements that I am reliable informed are on the way very soon!