Gig Review | Night Owl Music Promotions Showcase @ Legends

Four different groups, four amazing performances.

Night Owl Music Promotions organised an incredible lineup of 4 acts in their “Be A Legend Showcase Student Special”, boasting some of Scotland’s unique talents. The event was run and organised perfectly, and each act was entertaining, despite the different genres they were all playing.

David Bromham’s Band

While Highland based artist David Bromham couldn’t be present, his accompanying band still managed to play a set of original tracks. One of these included Bromham’s latest release, “Typhoon”. In their short time on stage, the band were full of energy. Each track they played had space for a guitar riff, with their guitarist not disappointing. He made the guitar speak and made doing so look effortless. Some of the set was spent with instrumental portions, full of a mixture of funk and rock, with the bassist and drummer also playing vital parts in this. The two replacement singers had amazing voices and they did really well to step in on the night and participate in a powerful set.

Cameron Ferguson

Glasgow based Cameron Ferguson delivered an incredible set, complete with a full band. Ferguson played a setlist of all original songs, debuting his newest track, “Jungle” which came out at midnight, the night of this performance. All of his other tracks are currently unreleased and sound different from one another. While some are more of a funk sound, others are definitely influenced by rock artists. Ferguson’s voice is smooth and controlled, making him look completely at ease on stage, and like he was born for this. I can’t wait to hear more singles from him and attend another one of his gigs.

The Rants

Scottish indie band The Rants were next in the lineup, and where do I even start? They are very strong performers, musically sounding a lot like Fontaines D.C. and Oasis. Frontman, Fionn Lyons, has an incredible voice, one that could fit into a variety of musical genres. This was evident in a cover they did at the end of their set of Dougie MacLean’s “Caledonia”. His voice was full of soul and they all really did this cover justice. The whole band perform effortlessly and work so well with each other. Their modern sound mixed with powerful, soulful vocals makes them a band that stands out and one that will definitely be spoken about more often.

Attic Days

The final act of the night was another Scottish indie band, Attic Days. They are fronted by Kirstie Maclean, making them one of the only female-fronted bands I have seen live in a while. While I enjoy a lot of bands with predominately male band members, it is very invigorating to see more women taking centre-stage. Maclean’s voice is dreamy and one that is especially easy to listen to. The rest of the quintet is made up of Rory Bayne, Murray Brown, Ruariadh Rattray, and Alfie Smith.

Attic Days’ set mostly consisted of original material apart from their cover of “Witches” by Alice Phoebe Lou, a very successful female artist. In addition to their cover, their set was made up of currently unreleased tracks as well as debut single, “After You”. They really will be “the talk of the town” with performances and songs as melodious as this. “After You” is an incredibly catchy and melodic tune that everyone in the room dancing, including the band themselves. Performing looks like something the band really enjoy doing, their memorable and captivating tracks making it easy to do so.

This showcase was an incredible lineup of 4 Scottish acts that are all beautifully unique. Night Owl Music Promotions did an amazing job organising this event, everything ran perfectly. I look forward to seeing what each artist/band get up to next and attending another showcase ran by Night Owl.