“Somewhere between Indie and Midwestern rock” is how Edinburgh-based trio Stuffed Animals describe themselves. Brothers Jamie and Russell Goldie (drums and guitar), and bassist Lewis McClure have released their latest single ‘Over The Moon’, which has a perfectly gentle and harmonious sound for the approaching Scottish summer.

‘Over The Moon’ begins with a steady, reverberating synthesiser that leads our ears to a subtle bass riff played by Lewis which seems to set the other instruments free. The two brothers introduce the acoustic guitar and drums which fit perfectly together and establish the song’s theme of rhythmic harmony. As Jamie develops his drum pattern with snare fills, Russell introduces his calming, low-down vocals which contrast the tone of the acoustic guitar and allows them to sit comfortably next to each other in the mix. In this verse, we hear the line:

“Familial scenes of broken machines, scattered round the home. The kitschy, the free. Behind the settee. Once fallen for, now and evermore”

These words introduce the lyrical theme of reflection as the writer remembers details of their family home. Through his vocal tone, Russell is able to highlight the fondness with which he remembers the things that are most important to him.

From here there is a brief instrumental break which brings forth the song’s ambient atmosphere, before the band displays their song-writing and arrangement skills in the next breakdown. This section is kicked off with a beautiful droning guitar and is built on with a snare rim pattern by Jamie, and an intricate finger-style guitar part by Russell. As this section builds up and the instruments seem to melt together, the trio takes an effective pause before the reverberating synthesiser returns to lead us onward.

This is where the song truly comes together and we hear Lewis’ carefully placed bass notes ringing out, Russell’s gently harmonised vocals, and Jamie’s intricate snare work accompanied by a shining ride cymbal. From here the band winds steadily to a short ending where the last remnants of each instrument fade out to wrap up this serene track.

If you’re interested in supporting Stuffed Animals and finding out more about them, I urge you to attend their gig at The Wee Red Bar on the 16th of June and follow their socials where you will be greeted with a warm embrace from this wonderful Scottish band!