Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Steeljoy released her sinister, nearly apocalyptic, new single ‘Both And’ on the 29th of February as a predecessor to the release of her full album All of Us On Fire, set for release on the 25th of April. The track – which manages to reference purgatory in the first line, an impressive feat – has an enduring message about defying boundaries and societal expectations. It is made most compelling through its ominous and slightly disquieting tone, enhanced by pop electronic instrumentation. Steeljoy’s aim with this single is to “encourage listeners to harness their own ‘fire for change’ and call for an end to the so-called status quo.” The single certainly draws the listener into this message with a chorus that grows catchier throughout the song, bringing focus to the messages of the following verses, my favourite of which is Unpalatable in my human form / Unacceptable to your stupid norms / To your beauty myth I must conform / I consider myself too deformed. Through lyrics such as this and imagery of dark and imprisoning spaces, Steeljoy communicates the kind of confinement that can be felt by societal expectations, setting up a comprehensive foundation for the rest of the album. 

Jen O’Brien, Steeljoy’s real name, is also the Founding Director at Music Broth, “an inclusive social enterprise dedicated to shared equitable access to restored musical instruments, which connects people through music learning opportunities.” If you’re looking to find out more about their efforts, head to!