‘Waste of Time’ is the debut single from Scottish rockers Space Van. The single launched in April and so may well be a solid rotation in your playlist already. For those who have not yet tuned in, what are you waiting for?

The debut single is a classic rock tune. The longer intro to the track is hard hitting, with repetitive drums and guitars that pack promise. This punchy section is repeated throughout the track offering continuity as the song grows. The vocals are strong and very suited to the genre, as are the guitar solos and the quirky recording towards the end of the track. There is a clear showcasing of talent in each element alone and in how the track comes together. The belting of the namesake ‘Waste of Time’ is rocky and loud, but not clumsy. All of this combined contributes to a great debut single for the band, and hopefully the first of many strong tracks to come.

Up and coming rockers Space Van have shown great promise with their first release, which is a great addition to the future of Scottish rock music. Listen to ‘Waste of Time’ below, and it could be time well spent keeping an ear out for what Space Van have to come next.

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