Indie-rock band from Glasgow have released their latest hit, Picking Petals. The band, Petty Cassettes, specialise in making music for everyone. From energetic hits to ballads, they don’t limit their creativity.  

Picking Petals was released Friday 26 May, and remarkably was recorded all in one go. The band gathered together in their garage and got to work, and the end result is nothing short of spectacular.  

Petty Cassettes playing live. Image Credit: @pettycassettes on Instagram

Petty Cassettes describe the song; “[e]ver felt that you are half the person you used to be? Picking Petals tells the story of a steady descent into insanity where life is beginning to boil over before eventually erupting.” 

It starts off full of energy, solid and upbeat as the vocals lead us into the body of the track. Strong Scottish vocals transport you to a special slice of summer. With the pacing remaining the same throughout the song, and the lyrics cheering you on, you’ll find it hard to stop dancing to. It’s guaranteed to be a belter live. 

Image Credit: @pettycassettes on Instagram

Despite the energetic, indie-rock feel of this song, the lyrics carry a bigger message. The group conveyed a deeper message in an upbeat song to give a different perspective to more serious topics. 

Their last single, Gimme More, broke records for the band. It is still doing well several months later on stations around the world. Gimme More was a taste of what Petty Cassettes had to offer, and with such big shoes to fill, Picking Petals hit the mark perfectly.  

Picking Petals is out now and you can listen to it here

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